Near Mint began as a simple venture between two friends in October 2014. What started as a way to help small bands have cassettes to sell at shows became a full-fledged label operation. In September 2015, we released our first vinyl LP: The Obsessives' debut album Heck No, Nancy, and have no intent of slowing down. We've worked with internationally-touring acts Knuckle Puck and Modern Baseball on limited-edition cassette reissues. We've been lucky enough to help legendary singer-songwriter Rocky Votolato bring new music to 12" vinyl and cassette.

With a roster that's grown to include musicians across genres and state lines, a commitment to customer service and well, a love for music, this pet project has grown into an animal of its own. We can't wait to sink our teeth into the next big thing, but do so with self-awareness. After all, passion isn't perfect.